Logifuture, the market leader in 360-degree B2B solutions for igaming operators, is at TJfair Bari 24 Scritto da Elisa Matilde Pagni il 16 Maggio 2024

Here we are again to introduce a company that will join us at the TECH JOBS fair Bari 2024. In a few days, at the Spazio Murat, we will have the opportunity to meet Logifuture! And we will now proceed to present this interesting company in English, with a more international tone for its presentation.

➦ Set up back in 2009 to provide bespoke software development and consultancy for gaming operators, Logifuture is made up of a group of dedicated and highly motivated professionals. Today, Logifuture is a market leader in 360-degree B2B solutions for igaming operators – across tech, product, operations, data and marketing. They’re passionate about providing gaming related solutions, and committed to innovation, creating products that stand out from the crowd and utilising expertise to achieve success for clients, and for the future of their industry. With over 300 talented personnel, offices in 6 countries, and offering services globally through their own proprietary technology.

Let’s take a look to Logifuture technologies. What can we see? ⇒ Kubernetes, Microservices, Event Driven, OLAP data warehouse, Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC).

➤ Logifuture utilises relational databases and robust systems like PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle to manage structured data efficiently and NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Datastore for scale and document storage. They also employ caching mechanisms such as Redis to enhance application performance by reducing database load. Finally, service layers in multiple programming languages are tailored to specific needs such as : C#, PHP, Java and Python. The company is shifting from a monolithic service architecture to a microservices architecture to enhance scalability and maintainability, championing open source technologies. Additionally, implementing event streaming integration using technologies like Apache Kafka handles real-time data flows and enables reactive service interactions.

Logifuture is constantly on the lookout for talent. Their most in demand positions include ⇶ Software Developers, Data and IT Security Engineers, DevOps, and Help Desk Operators ⇇. In addition, non-tech roles are also available, these include CRM executives, Risk & Compliance Specialists and Sports Trading experts amongst others.

Logifuture products have universal integration and appeal, and this is reflected in the organisation’s clients and partnerships. They have built firm foundations with clients across the globe, including MozzartBet in Eastern Europe, SBO in Asia, YaJuego in South America and Bet9ja in Africa, alongside smaller aggregator collaborations. Logifuture’s iGaming products and services are trusted with established brands from all quarters of the world, with innovation at the heart of everything they do, as they utilise their expertise to achieve success for clients and for the future of their industry.

And now, we have introduced another featured company of our upcoming event. Follow us to Bari and stay updated on the offers available at Logifuture and beyond!