Giancarlo Valente

Giancarlo Valente
  • Aulab CTO and founder
  • Aulab

Software architect offering 20 years of professional experience.

Derives great pleasure from creating products with an “intention based” user experience, using the most elegant and efficient solution with the minimal investment of resources.
I’m very passionate about new businesses and finding innovative solutions using the strengths of each tool and language.

My Keywords for building durable systems: Simplicity and Modularity.

Specialties: – Test Driven Development, SCRUM and other Agile and eXtreme Programming practices
– Fluent in C#, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript
– Strong interest in Functional Programming Languages, in my spare time I’ve learned the basics of Erlang and Haskell.
– Expert with MS SQL Server, good knowledge of CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra
– Good experience with various web frameworks and technologies like ASP.MVC, OpenRasta, REST Services, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PHP Slim, PHP RedBean, Docker

Big passion for DLT and Blockchain technologies.

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